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How to protect industrial freight during the winter?

Updated: Jun 27

A conestoga trailer exposed
53 Flatbed Conestoga

The shipping sector is flourishing, with an insatiable demand for innovation and adaptability, and the globe is teeming with unique prospects. As winter approaches, open decks drivers face a new problem: frozen tarp. Because of the cold, tarps may freeze, causing pains and increasing the time the driver must spend at the pick-up and delivery locations. A new invention involving the utilization of Conestoga trailers provides a great answer to address this issue.

You may know "Curtainside" trailers, another name for Conestoga trailers. During last year, we purposed to equip our Conestoga trailer with a retractable taping system that runs the length of their decks. We also offer a more popular range, a flatbed Conestoga, which are used to deliver many of the same open-deck goods as regular flatbed trailers. Step-deck Conestogas is yet another range of Conestogas we provide for users who need more capacity for their transit. The Step-deck range offers a higher height capacity than flatbed Conestogas can provide. As a result, step-deck Conestogas transport higher goods such as CNC machines, robots, helicopters, and other heavy freight that need in-transit protection.

The Conestoga trailer, which has the same proportions as the Flatbed and StepDeck trailers, is one choice for siding loading cargoes. It lets the driver cover the load in less than 20 minutes. Last year, we chose to refresh our fleet with 60 new Conestoga trailers, ensuring we are entirely prepared for the approaching winter. Furthermore, the Conestoga trailer is an excellent choice for many machinery types where sharp edges may damage the tarp. Because of the frame's design, it is very effective in various situations across all seasons.

If you have any other inquiries related to logistics, then feel free to contact us anytime. We are happy to help!

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