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Hey there! I'm Daniel Popa, a freight broker at Partnership LLC

       Experience: 6 years in the transportation industry.



a. 1 year as warehouse assistant, gained knowledge of inventory management and logistics operations.

b. 2 years as truck dispatch, handled vans, reefers, and stepdecks, mastered coordination, scheduling, and route optimization.

c. Nearly 3 years as a freight broker, connected shippers with carriers, and managed supply chain networks.



a. Managing supply chain networks for efficient movement of goods.

b. Optimizing transportation operations, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

c. Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.


        Market Knowledge: Comprehensive knowledge of the freight market, industries, regions, and transportation modes.


         Strategic Guidance: Provide strategic guidance, leveraging market understanding and industry regulations.

         Technology Proficiency: Well-versed in transportation management systems (TMS) and logistics software for streamlined processes, real-time shipment tracking, and detailed reports.


          Continuous Improvement: Use data analytics and performance metrics for ongoing evaluation and optimization of transportation strategies, identifying cost-saving opportunities and process enhancements.

Long story presented


I am a transportation and logistics professional, but when I don't do the operational planning of the shipments, I am probably on the tennis court or running.

Leading an active lifestyle is a personal goal that I am trying to make

a habit. Tennis has been a passion of mine since I was a child, and I try to play as often as possible. Watching my tennis idol Roger Federer playing in 2014 in New York, was a dream come true. I enjoy the challenge of the game and the satisfaction of continuous improvement.
























Sometimes, I don't mind a night in with Netflix, Youtube, or Ted Talks. I love traveling and exploring new places.


Out of the big cities I've been to, I can mention San Francisco, CA, and Monaco. In California I found a special vibe, people are so chilled, so happy over there. Monaco amazed me with its beauty, this is probably the cleanest city in the world, they even clean the streets with shampoo,  what can you say, this is the billionaire's city:).

There are times when I need to do some crazy things, like skydiving:) I did it 2 times in Novata, CA, It was one of the best experiences ever.







In my personal and professional life, I value honesty, teamwork, and continuous improvement. I believe that my passion for logistics, combined with my love for tennis, make me a unique and valuable asset.

Each of us brings something special to the table, and it's important that we recognize these differences. We're in this together, long after our first collaboration, you can count on me.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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